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Teledyne LeCroy WaveAce 1000 and 2000 40MHz-300MHz Oscilloscopes
Product Overview

The WaveAce combines long memory, a wide screen display, extensive measurement capabilities, advanced triggering and great connectivity to improve trouble shooting and shorten debug time.

Main Specifications

Bandwidth 40 MHz - 300 MHz
Starting from $635
Standard Memory 12 kpts - 1 Mpts
Max Memory 2 Mpts
Max Sampling Rate 2 GS/s
Input Channels 2, 4
Resolution 8-bit



Key Features
  • 40 MHz, 60 MHz, 70 MHz, 100 MHz, 200 MHz and 300 MHz bandwidths
  • Sample rates up to 2 GS/s
  • Long Memory - up to 1 Mpts/Ch (2 Mpts interleaved)
  • Advanced Triggering - Edge, Pulse Width, Video, Slope (Rise Time)
  • 7" wide screen display
  • 32 automatic measurements
  • Multi-language user interface and context sensitive help
  • Four math functions and FFT
  • USB host and device connections for printers, memory sticks and PC remote control

Capture and View Waveform Details

Long memory, high sample rate and easy to use zoom capabilities

Automatic Measurements

Measure with 32 different parameters including advanced timing measurements and a dashboard view

Waveform Math and Analysis

Basic math plus FFT for advanced waveform analysis

Connectivity and Documentation

Save waveforms, settings and screen captures to a USB device or directly to a PC

Simple Pass/Fail Testing

Quick mask testing with on screen result counter

Record and Playback Waveforms

Record and playback up to 2,500 waveform captures

Custom Digital Filters

Apply digital filters to isolate specific frequencies or eliminate noise


A variety of basic and advanced triggering for capturing a range of different signals

Save All Your Waveforms and Setups

Save up to 20 waveforms and 20 setups to internal memory

A Variety of Acquisiton Modes

Chose from Real Time, Equivalent Time, Peak Detect and Averaging


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