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About Us

Committed to customer success since 1981

For more than 30 years, Testech has supplied electronic test and measurement equipment to industry-leading organizations across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Our customers excel in the fields of manufacturing, communications, government/aerospace/defense, energy, education, medical technology and many others. They trust Testech to help them meet the growing challenges of tighter regulations, shorter product lifecycles and increased demands for accountability and quality.

Testech represents top lines of test and measurement technology, offering a targeted array of solutions to meet customer needs for accountability, quality and traceability. We back that up with deep expertise delivered by sales engineers who provide in-depth consultation, service and support throughout the customer relationship.

Why Testech?

Test and measurement technology has undergone a dramatic evolution since 1981, the year Testech was founded. Our core commitment to our customers’ success, however, has remained unchanged. We began with the vision that, as development and production lifecycles grow shorter and device speeds faster, the importance of test and measurement equipment backed by critical expertise and support will only increase.

That's why we will continue to:

  • Earn customer confidence through unsurpassed expertise, consultation and support.
  • Offer broad solutions that feature advanced flexibility and performance.
  • Represent only top lines backed by strong relationships with manufacturers.
  • Provide the best sales and support available in the region.
  • Commit to ongoing partnership to meet customers’ changing needs.

While some competitors carry brand recognition or cover larger territories, our customers have found that Testech’s deep technical expertise, product knowledge and unique commitment to partnership result in greater success and long-term satisfaction.