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Timing & Frequency

Brandywine PCI-Express SYNCCLOCK Time Code Reader/Generator card - GPS receiver for PCI-Express
Product Overview

The PCI-Express time code reference timing card with standard options such as IRIG B and optional GPS receiver provides an extermely accurate time source to the PCI-Express bus. This syncclock acts as a time code reader and/or time code generator that is synchronized to an external source of time such as IRIG B, IRIG A, IRIG G, NASA36 or Have Quick Time Code. An optional on-board GPS receiver allows another source of synchronization.


The PCI Express card uses its time source to generate time from an internal disciplined oscillator, that can be accessed across the PCI-Express bus through a set of zero latency time registers. Time synchronization can be achieved by simply reading the time registers, using this PCI card to generate periodic interrupts, or the PCI-Express can latch the time of an external event.

The PCI-Express card is the newest member to Brandywine's bus level family of timing cards and is quickly becoming one of the most used PCI cards, replacing its older counterparts. Here is the link to our Press Release on the PCI-Express card. Brandywine Communications is constantly working on using the latest technology to give our customers the best products possible. Please ask your sales manager if you have any questions.

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