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Brandywine FOA-160 Fiber Optic GPS/Glonass Antenna Splitter
Product Overview

The Model FOA-160 contains redundant power supplies which may be either AC or 24/48VDC or combination of both. The FOA-160 includes an RS232 interface for remote control monitoring, as well as alarm contact closure. The FOA-160 Receiver Module is a small wall or shelf mounted module that requires only 15VDC for operation. Optional rack mounting packaging is available.


Brandywine Communications new Model FOA-160 is a specialized distribution amplifier system used to distribute GPS or GLONASS signals over fiber optic cable to up to 16 receivers. The Model FOA-160 head–end unit connects to a standard GPS antenna/preamplifier which then receives the GPS/GLONASS signals transmitted from the satellites. The FOA-160 converts the received signal to an optical intensity modulated signal, and routes it through a passive optical splitter to 16 outputs. These signals are available at the rear panel for distribution throughout a building or campus over single mode fiber optic cable.

The low loss characteristics of the fiber optic cable overcome the traditional distance limitations encountered with direct electrical distribution of low power GPS/GLONASS signals. A companion optical receiver module, installed at the other end of the optical cable, converts the optical signal back to the electrical domain and provides a RF output format for use by a standard GPS or GLONASS receiver. The 16 output ports of the head-end unit support a flexible point-to-multipoint distribution architecture.

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